Friday, July 11, 2008

Totoro Forest Project!

Greetings Strangers!! I've been a terrible blogger. So sorry! Thank you all for your wonderful comments and encouraging messages to post more hehe =) So here I am again, this time with something amazing to share! A few months ago a friend invited me to participate in a once in a lifetime opportunity known as the "Totoro Forest Project!" It is a fundraising event to help preserve the forest that inspired Director Hayao Miyzaki when creating the movie Totoro. Over 200 hundred original pieces have generously donated by artists from all over the world their artwork. An auction will be held September 6 at Pixar Animation Studios where all the proceeds will be going to the Totoro National Forest Fund!! I am so honored to participate along side so many artists that I truly admire. Please check out the website to see all the beautiful work and to help support this wonderful cause!! Totoro Forest Project