Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I met the cutest Girl Scout this past weekend. I was in Calabasas with a friend and we stopped by the local farmer's market. As we were walking through there was a stand with Girl Scouts doodling on tote bags. They were hosting a fundraiser and before anyone even spoke to us I knew I wanted to buy one. I was a Girl Scout as a kid and I dreaded selling stuff. So now whenever I see a Girl Scout selling something I have to buy it! haha. =D I was eyeing a bag with colorful polka-dots that another girl was working on. But then this one little girl came up to me, showed me her ear and with a huge smile said.. "Hi! A bee stung my ear.." I was shocked speechless. Her ear was swollen and oh so red, the poor little girl must have been in so much pain! And then she held up her tote bag and said she made this one and I immediately said I'd love to buy yours! Her bag is quite adorable. A future illustrator in the making. =) 

The day ended with my friend and I going to Koreatown to try out a new ice cream place called HoneyMee. I got the special and it came with a free bee! haha