Monday, November 5, 2007

Taiwan - Australia Sketches

I decided to be adventurous and perm my hair for the very first time. I was there for I believe 6 hours. They did serve really yummy toast =)

I did a sketch of a fast food restaurant while I waited for my cousin to finish cram school.
The students in Taiwan have it really hard. They study for hours. Some of my cousins don't come home until 11pm because of all the extra classes they have to take. The education system is so demanding and competitive in Asia but it doesn't even seem worth it. The news had reported that jobs are so hard to find even for the highly educated.

After taking Nathan Fowkes Sketching from life ... I decided to take my watercolors on my trip and get some sketching in.

My Uncle is also an artist. He's an amazing watercolorist and photographer. I worked on this piece while I was visiting him in Taiwan.

Sketches of people at the airport... I had a 3 hour wait in Hong Kong to transfer back to Kaohsiung.

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Alan said...

I really love these "slice of life" sketches. It's a lot like taking a photograph and adding insight to what is seen!