Thursday, December 4, 2008

Puppies for 2009!

In May my dogs had 8 adorable puppies which meant I ended up with LOTS of puppy pictures! We kept one puppy, Phoebe. (she's in the one pictured) For Christmas last year my friend made me a really cute calendar with pictures of our group of friends so it inspired me to make one with all the puppy pictures I took. I added some doggy doodles to go with each month. I also got to play with Adobe Illustrator.. haven't touched that program in ages. Here are some images for my calendar... I'll post more when I'm done!


AstroGuaje said...


Awesome jobs.

Patrick Wirbeleit said...

really cute! I love them!
If you want that fridge follow the "instructions" on my answer to your comment on my blog!

More puppies please!

Guillermo said...

u are great !!!!