Thursday, February 12, 2009

NYC Comic Con!

Greetings!! I just got back from the New York Comic Con with my super talented artist friend Joey Chou. Thank you to all those who stopped by our booth at the comic con! It was such a pleasure to meet everyone! The convention was a really wonderful experience and I can't wait to do it again! (Next time with more work and a book! )

Sharing a booth with Joey

My side of the booth

I made a book through apple aperture to use as a portfolio.

Sample Pages

I made buttons and pinned them on paper t-shirts made out of Trader Joe's grocery bags. =) I learned to use a sewing machine! So much fun!!

I made little pocket calendars.. its always nice to know what day it is!

PS: For those interested in purchasing anything (buttons, cards or prints) feel free to email me!


Anonymous said...

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Kinman said...

Cool presentations. I can tell you had fun with it :)

Golden Nigz Rong said...

Hey Grace, I was at your booth, and i wanted to buy something but i went over my budget that day already haha. I really do admire your work! Being an art student cost a lot of money as you know but as soon as i can, i'll try to buy some work!

Harold Buchholz said...

Grace, it was great meeting you and Joe Chou at the New York Comic Con. Your art is warm and kind, and discovering it was the highlight of the show for me. Keep up the lovely work!

Brian Yam said...

Congrats Grace! ;)

fabulana said...

Hi Grace,

Is it possible to order your book? I love your works! They gave me a feeling of joy each time I am browsing your site.

Phil said...

Hey Grace,

Just a reminder: I can't wait for the book!

FYI: I'll be back to remind you periodically. Haha! Thanks!

awildermode said...

Hey Grace, looks like you had fun. Are you going to San Diego Comic Con, as well? Maybe I buy a print from you.

Grace said...

Hi! Thanks so much for visiting the booth and for stopping by my blog.

Sola : Thanks for stopping by.. good luck with you work too!

Kinman : I had so much fun!! =)

Golden Nigz Rong : Thanks for stopping by the booth!

Harold: Hi!! Thanks for visiting too! Joey and I had so much fun meeting everyone!

Brian: Thanks!! Congrats to you toO!

Fabulana : Thank you!! Unfortunately my book isnt for sale yet... I'm working on it! Please check back =)

Phil! : Hi!! ok! You keep me on my toes! You'll hear from me when I'm done =)

Manson: Hi!! Its been so long. Hope you are well! I won't be at the SD comic con but you know where to find me! =)

jason hazelroth said...

I love these pages. so cute


i absolutely lover your work!
i stumbled over from blog surfing
and so glad to have found your blog.
i love how you capture the moments many of us look past.
these are really sweet illustrations~~

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