Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sofia the First

I got to work on my very first picture book this past year! It was for Disney Channel's new series Sofia the First. The show is pretty cute! For anyone who has a little girl, or for someone who is a princess at heart.. check out the book! ;) Here are some pieces from the book. You can pick one up at your local bookstore or at amazon.


ND said...

looks wonderful. I hope you are doing well.

Sarah said...

Hi Grace, where did you get the inspiration for the Asian princess in your book? Was it your grandma's portrait? I personally found it prevoking.

Below is the review I left at Amazon.

This review is from: Sofia the First (Hardcover)
This is the first time I have ever had an urge to write a book review. I just dont read the books that I dont think appropriate for my kids.

I am a Chinese mom with two young daughters. My four year preschooler's friend was having a Sofia, the first themed party so I borrowed this book from the library to get us educated.

On page 4, the feet-binding stooping little Asian girl in Grandma's outfit is as bad as you could portrait anyone, especially a little Asian girl. I am wondering what kind of message the author and the illustrator is trying to express here.

This book is for young girls, I presume since I am reading it with my young girl. Whether the Asian girl is a servant or a friend of the mean sister, the illustration of the Asian girl is outdated and simply offensive and wrong.

I was trying to find contact information of the author and could not find it. So I am writing my concerns here to bring it to the author's attention.

If anyone happens to have the author Catherine's email address, please kindly send it my way.


Denise De Marco said...

I came across "Sofia the First" and I am truly inspired by your illustrations. They are beautiful. I aspire to be an illustration myself one day. Please take a look at my website if you can. I would really appreciate it. Thank you, Denise

Alon Ronen said...

Dear Grace,
In the book "Sofia the First The Floating Palace" my 3.5 year old girl asked me the following question regarding the picture on page 27 which starts with the words: "Cora holds up the comb as it starts to glow!...".
In this picture you can see Cora holding the comb with her right hand up, however, Oona is also pictured at the same time in the boat with the comb on her head. How can that be ? I didn't really know what to answer my girl.
Is that a mistake ? (-:

Thanks so much!

Becca Bartels said...

I can't express how much I am in love with these illustrations. <3

Little Red said...

I love your illustrations for the Sofia books. I prefer them over the other Sofia themed books.